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Quality and Services

The overall objective of the organization is continuous growth through increased business. We understand this is possible only through the achievement of customer satisfaction or in other words the confidence of customers in our organization. In order to achieve this primary objective, quality objectives are established at relevant functions. Wherever possible and required, the management has defined measurable objectives to evaluate the system performance at defined intervals. Some of the functional objectives are listed below whereas the others are defined during management review meetings.

Management Representative

Plan and execute at least one round of internal quality audits every six months to identify the weakness in procedures and processes.
Provide quality system awareness training to all level of employees at least once in a year.
Provide at least one quality improvement proposal during every management review meeting.
Review and log all customer feedback and customer complaints, prepare their statistical summary on every six months and report to the Managing Director about the trend or repetition for effective preventive action.


Managing Director is primary responsible for this operation and the objectives are:
Improve the business @ 10% every year.
Develop the business to new heights and technologies which have wide scope in the market.


Re-evaluate all suppliers through supplier re-evaluation questionnaire for three consecutive years and establish the approved list of potential suppliers.
Review the purchasing documents to understand the frequently purchased consumables and hence to establish minimum stock level. (To avoid the wastages of resources spend on frequent purchase, inspection and transportation.)


Perform the job costing for all jobs and prepare the statistical report to identify the weakness in estimation.
Prepare the database for potential customers, who settle payments within the stipulated time frame. Improve invoice settling time to suppliers.


Review all non-conformances (minor / major) reported during inspection as well as deviations reported from site and customers to decide upon the process improvements and training requirements of operation staff.

Maintain and review the data of accidents / incidents caused due to poor safety control and hence to propose to the management about the improved safety requirements.